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Avenues of Service

The first Rotary convention held at Chicago in 1910, formulated the four objects of Rotary. During the 1951-52 Rotary year, Rotary's four objectives coalesced into one object, with four avenues of service. Later in the year 2001, the fifth avenue of service was also added. The five avenues of service are :
1. Club Service

  • Club service is the fundamental building block of Rotary.
  • A club with good fellowship can only formulate and execute projects in the other avenues.
  • This service makes members aware of their obligations and responsiblities towards Rotary and the previlege of being a Rotarion.

2. Vocational Service   

  • Vocational Service first expect Rotarians to maintain high ethical standards in thier business or profession.
  • Vocational awareness: giving classification talks and conducting tours of member's business.
  • Vocational awards: recognizing vocational excellence and high ethical standards.
  • Career development: organizing career-planning programmes in schools and retraining adults for new vocations
  • Vocation at work: generating new jobs within the community
  • Ethics: conducting conferences and panel discussions for community members on ethical issues facing the community and holding group discussions for students where they apply the 4-Way Test to case studies.

3. Community Service

  • Children at risk: helping vulnerable and troubled children who have suffered abuse and neglect.
  • Disabled persons: helping them to find meaningful employment, conduct sporting events, donate equipments, finance or provide surgery to help disabled persons who lack resources.
  • Health care: organize aids awareness campaign, drug or alcohol abuse awareness rally, partner with local communities to develop a source for safe water and proper sanitation system, conduct health camps in areas needing medical assistance.
  • LIteracy campaign: establish a literacy center with a library, invite local businesses to hear about literacy efforts in work place, organize awareness campaign encouraging parents to educate their children.
  • Population issues: promote projects with government agencies and others to increase awareness on the issue of population, adequate nutrition and family planning to promote small family concept
  • Preserve planet earth: create gardens, plant trees and cleanup lakes, rivers. Organize program to sort waste both recyclable and non-recyclable. Award businesses and industries for ecologically sound design, protection and for good water management and waste disposal procedures.

4. International Service

  • International service encourages the advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional men, united in the ideal of service.
  • Undertake a world community service project sponsor or host a Group Study Exchange team member.
  • Seek a Foundation Matching Grant to enhance your club's international service project.
  • Contribute to Rotary foundation by becoming a PHF or RFSM.
  • Participate in the international youth exchange program.
  • Initiate a club-to-club Rotary friendship exchange.

5. Youth Service (could be under International)

  • Conduct RYLA camp (Rotary Youth Leadership Award Camp) for college students or community youth.
  • Organize career guidance program for school students studying +1 and +2.
  • Vocational training to disadvantaged youth.
  • Sponser Rotaract and Interact club.
  • Organize drug and alcohol abuse awareness campaign in colleges and schools.
  • Work with local schools to provide staffing and funding for a school clinic for the students.
    Conduct literacy program and vocational training for children at risk.


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